E-Board Application

Applications are Now open for all Jitters Positions


Please fill out the application below and email it to JacksonJS28@uww.edu

Applications are due April 13th at midnight

Elections will be Sunday April 17th at 9 pm in Jitters.

Each member of the executive board shall be responsible for the following in addition to the duties in their description

  • Volunteer an average of one shift per week or 4 shifts in one month
  • Shall act as the official voice of Jitters Coffee Lounge
  • To implement programs and initiatives for the betterment of Jitters Coffee Lounge
  • Shall meet with the advisor as needed
  • Must provide successor with comprehensive transition materials

Co-Event Coordinators

This position combines those of the two positions listed below and will be the responsibility of both co-event coordinators.

Booking and Bands Coordinator

The Booking and Bands Coordinator is responsible for management of the sound and stage operations during all shows, unless there are soundboard volunteers. They are also responsible for contacting and communicating with artists to recruit them to perform at Jitters. There are a wide variety of shows that could be booked, the talent has ranged from full five piece rock bands to comedians, as well as open MIC nights. It is the responsibility of the Booking and Bands Coordinator to ensure students, as well as local talent, to get the opportunity to play on the Jitters’ stage.

Program Coordinator

The Program Coordinator is responsible for planning programs within Jitters. The Program Coordinator collaborates with the Executive Board and general members to develop new programming ideas. The Program Coordinator is responsible for organizing the program, setting the date, creating decorations, and other requirements necessary to make the program a success.

Director of Development

The Director of Development Position is one that is hard to put into words. This position requires flexibility and initiative. The Director of Development is responsible for all the odds and ends of Jitters. During the year when “odd” jobs come up, the Director of Development takes the initiative to complete the task. One responsibility of the Director of Development is creating the Drinks of the Month; as well as, creating ways to make Jitters more eco-friendly. The Director of Development is responsible for managing the process through which other organizations request the use of the Jitters facility and approving these requests. Another job requirement of the Director of Development is managing the steps necessary for the completion of the Master Plan that deals with the renovations within Jitters. Basically, the Director of Development is responsible for helping Jitters run smoothly and more effectively.

Jitters Liaison

 This position was created to help spread the word about Jitters in the residence halls and to build a stronger bond between RHA and Jitters. Position duties include: Attend RHA meetings, and make any necessary announcements for Jitters, gather volunteers from RHA assembly, collaborate one event between Jitters and RHA, bring information back from RHA meetings to Jitters general members, and executive board.

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is charged with managing the financial affairs for Jitters.  Specifically, the Director of Finance prepares monthly financial statements by recording financial events in Quickbooks.  Additionally, the Director of Finance submits purchase orders yearly, and submits invoices to financial services for payment.  The Director of Finance compiles purchase receipts and reconciles them to statements received from our suppliers.  In addition to other duties as needed, the Director of Finance approves purchases internally and develops an annual budget.


Kitchen Manager

The Kitchen Manager has three main responsibilities.  The first main responsibility is inventory.  At least once a week a physical inventory of Jitters needs to be taken.  Doing inventory leads to the next main responsibility, Ordering.  After looking at the inventory numbers an order is placed with a few different suppliers.  Without the Kitchen Manager Position there would be no supplies for Jitters!  The last big responsibility of the Kitchen Manager position is deep cleans.  Deep cleans are very important because they keep Jitters sanitary and in working condition.  As time progresses new steps should be taken to make Jitters cleaner and safer for everyone.


Public Relations Chair

The Jitters Coffee Lounge Public Relations Director is the primary communicator between the organization and the campus community. By creating advertisements, brochures, and more; the Public Relations Director shares information to both the customers and the volunteers about menu items, events and new initiatives. In addition, the Public Relations Director is responsible for maintaining relationships with campus media contacts, managing and creating content for its social media platforms and acting as editor of the organization’s monthly newsletter. Interested? We encourage you to find out more about the specific task of the position by contacting Kim Cafcules at CafculesKM10@uww.edu.


Technical Director

The Technical Director has a variety of job requirements. They are responsible for keeping the electronic access list up to date. eAccess is required to get into not only Jitters but also Jitter’s kitchen. Another job responsibility of the Technical Director is adding any new products or modifying products located on the cash register. The Technical Director is also responsible for managing the access list on the cash register. The list includes: student name, ID number, register ID number and their current 4 digit pin. The Technical Director has the responsibility of managing the Lyrics List Manager as well as the Jitters blog. Manage the Jitters Facility Reservation Request survey and Events Calendar.


Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator has many responsibilities within Jitters. The main responsibility of the Volunteer Coordinator is scheduling volunteers and tracking their hours. They then use those hours to create weekly raffles from those who volunteered. As well as scheduling hours, the Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for the End of the Year Party. The End of the Year party is a way of recognizing our volunteers and their hard work. Another responsibility of the Volunteer Coordinator is to order the E-Board apparel as well as send out weekly emails that include the schedule for that week and any important dates or information that may be going on that week.