Jitters has shows every Tuesday during the school year. If you have questions about booking a band, email Aubrey Krzynski at


Basic Booking Information

We prefer that acoustic bands book on Thursdays due to the 10 pm quiet hours in Wells East Residence Hall on the weekdays. That allows louder bands to be booked freely on Fridays. If you would like to play a show at Jitters, drop us a message. Our shows that we’ve already booked will be listed on our band schedule . If you would like to ask about being added to a pre-existing show, let us know — if the dates that are up don’t work for you or you would simply like to talk about a different date, just let us know.

When To Arrive

All performers must arrive and check in between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm on the night of a show. If you show up earlier than 7:00 likely you’ll be waiting in the Wells lobby. Jitters opens at 8 pm. Bands aren’t required to start at 8 pm, however if you still want to be setting up and doing sound checks with an audience, it’s completely up to you. Please call 262-389-9400 of you’re running late. Bands are to take it upon themselves to determine playing order.

Getting Booked

All bands must be booked at least two weeks in advance. If bands show up at Jitters without any prior confirmation with Brian, they will not be allowed to play. All bands must be confirmed and listed on this page. So if you plan to bring a band with you, get contact us well ahead of time. Bands that show up unannounced are out of luck.

What To Bring

Bands are required to bring their own instruments and amplifiers. Although we do have an electric piano that you can use.

Our Sound System

Jitters has our own PA system with two mains, two subs and two monitors. We supply microphones, stands, and sound technicians to move the show along. Only the technicians that volunteer for Jitters are allowed to run the sound board.

Band Contract

All bands and performers that pass through Jitters are required to sign our band contract. Every person who will be on stage needs to sign this contract. All performers must be at least 18 years old. Bands are not required to bring the contract prior to the show. A sound technician will give you a copy to sign before performing. You can see the contract by clicking on the website link in the website section of this page.

What You Get

All members of the band get a free drink off of the Jitters menu. Woo hoo, right? We do not pay bands to play at Jitters because we’re a non-profit coffee house with free admission to every show, but we do encourage bands to sell merchandise. If you’re in a band that needs to play for money, we apologize, this isn’t the place for you. We are looking into options at this point, but as of now, it’s safe to assume you’ll be playing for free.


As you may have noticed there are a lot of photos of musicians playing in jitters. So whats the deal? We like to get high quality photos of everyone that plays in jitters, they are nice to have and to share with everyone. You can find the complete set here at Flickr. Every photo that is posted is available in full resolution and free to share. I have a fairly nice DSLR camera and enjoy taking tons of photos during the shows. I attend nearly every show and will have your photos available online typically by the next week. If you’d really like photos of your band during your show just make sure to mention it before hand, and I’ll make sure to work your show.